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I suppose my love affair with the light began before I can even remember. As a young child, I remember feeling there was nothing more magical and soothing than laying in the shade of a strong tree or in the backseat of the car on the journey between here and there, daydreaming into the light of the sky. Watching the clouds dance down the sun. Mesmerized by the sparkle of the stars leading my imagination to the light of galaxies far far away. With a camera in my hands off and on since I was about 9, watching my dad shoot and develop film and getting lost in the darkroom for days at a time back in my film days, it has been only natural that these two things I love come together. It is a beautiful thing to me.

The way I see it, everything and everyone has an inner light, even. Light is the force that connects everything. In my 15 something years as a social worker...I saw so many people whose light had become very dim. I was particularly touched by the children. The light within the children is strong. As I go forward in my journey, I am reminded by the children that everything carries light, especially nature, which I think we sometimes forget as adults. Surrounded by the light of my amazing friends and family (who have encouraged me to acknowledge, nurture and share my own light) I am able to follow my creative visions. I hope you enjoy them:)

I am happy to call the beautiful land of Colorado my home. I also love to travel, constantly seeking new experiences and new ways to capture the inner light of nature, you can be assured I will be out hiking and discovering new places with my camera as companion. I am available to do fine art, personal commissions, retail decorative art installations (large and small scale), individual photo sessions and everything in between...all to inspire and Capture YOUR Inner Light!

Please contact me personally for custom printing, mounting and pricing information for family / individual photo sessions.